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Research journals list

For research journals, you’ll find a list of 40 journals in the article

Since this is a peer reviewed list gathered from a broad survey of the design field, it seems that anyone can use it as a responsible guide. If we were to replicate the study today, it is likely that one would see journals that have emerged since then, especially Design Science from Cambridge University Press, Sciences du Design from Presses Universitaires de France, and She Ji The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation from Tongji University Press and Elsevier.

1. Applied Ergonomics
2. Creativity and Innovation Management
3. CoDesign
4. Computer Aided Design
5. Design and Culture
6. Design Issues
7. Design Management Journal
8. Design Philosophy Papers
9. Design Research Quarterly
10. Design Studies
11. Digital Creativity
12. Ergonomics
13. Ergonomics in Design
14. Empirical Studies of the Arts
15. Human Computer Interaction
16. Human Factors
17. Information Design Journal
18. Interacting with Computers
19. International Journal of Art & Design Education
39. Visible Language
20. International Journal of Design
21. International Journal of Product Development
22. International Journal of Sustainable Design
23. International Journal of Technology and Design Education
24. International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing
25. Journal of Design History
26. Journal of Design Research
27. Journal of Engineering Design
28. Journal of Interior Design
29. Journal of Material Culture
30. Journal of Mechanical Design
31. Journal of Product Innovation Management
32. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces
33. Materials & Design
34. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
35. Research in Engineering Design
36. The Design Journal
37. The Journal of Sustainable Product Design
38. The Senses & Society
40. Visual Communication

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